Orlando Real Estate Analysis – September, 2013

Dear Friends,
We provide the following eight graphs each month as a snapshot of the Orlando housing market. The data represents the housing market in Orange and Seminole counties and may not reflect the exact market conditions for your neighborhood. For a more detailed picture, please review the graphs and commentary we’ve prepared below and you will see the changes that are occurring each month in the Greater Orlando real estate market. We trust you find this information helpful and please feel free to email or call to discuss any of the data we’ve outlined here or to request additional information!


Median Sales Price of Resale Homes

The median sales price is the price at which half of the homes are selling above and half are selling below and includes all residential properties throughout Orange and Seminole counties.

Inventory of Resale Homes

The Inventory graph shows the total number of residential properties currently For Sale in the Multiple Listing Service.

Number of Resale Homes Sold

This shows the number of closed sales each month. It also demonstrates that the peak of the market happens each year during the summer selling season of May, June and July. It’s not that everyone has school age children but there are enough Buyers who have children in school to torque the market each year, thereby creating a peak around the summer months.

Average Mortgage Interest Rate

This is the historical trend line of the average interest rate available for a thirty year home mortgage.

Percent Difference: Sales to Listings

This shows the percent difference between the asking price and the selling price and is a measure of the competitiveness in the market. As inventory declines, sellers are more likely to receive at or above their offered price.

Average Sales Price of Resale Homes

This shows the average selling price each month and is always a higher number than the Median Sales price.

Average Days on Market of Resale Homes

This illustrates the intensity of the resale market. It should be noted that The Hard Working Nice Guy’s average time on the market is much lower than the Multiple Listing Service average. Therefore, if you want to move your property quickly, please give us a call!

Number of Months of Inventory of Resale Homes

This illustrates the current inventory and the difference between a Buyer’s market and a Seller’s market. The current number of real estate transactions is divided into the available inventory in the MLS system and shown as the number of months it would take to sell off all the inventory if no additional listings were added. The green line indicates a six month supply and is considered to be charged neutral. A number below six months’ worth of inventory is considered to be a Seller’s market and a number above is considered to be a Buyer’s market.