Orlando Real Estate Analysis – March, 2012

Since I wrote in December, we continue to see increasing signs that we’re making significant headway with our inventory of bank owned properties and short sales!  In March, Orlando area Realtors sold 2,327 homes at a median price of $115,000.  This represents nearly a 13% increase from March of 2011.  And, we’ve had nine straight months of increases in our year-over-year median sales price!  In January of this year, the median sales price was $108,000 – up almost 14% over January of 2011!  Also, March’s average sales price of $154,000 represented a 12% increase in the average sales price of $135,500 in March of 2011.  In this analyst’s opinion, nine consecutive months of year-over-year increases in both the median and average sales price signals that our market is recovering!

The increase in our median sales price is a result of several factors: the belief on the part of many Buyers that this is the time to buy, historic affordability levels, very low mortgage rates and a shrinking inventory of moderately priced homes.  High rents currently reflect a tight supply of rental housing, while home prices and interest rates for mortgages are low!

Do you owe more on your home than it is worth?  April saw the roll out of HARP 2 – a government created opportunity for home owners who wish to refinance their existing home loan.  We are seeing the implementation of an unprecedented opportunity for home owners to refinance at today’s incredible rates – even if the mortgage balance exceeds the appraised value of the property.  This is great news because it will allow the average home owner with a negative loan balance to reduce their monthly expenditure and / or migrate from an adjustable rate mortgage by capturing today’s historically low interest rates.   Please call me to discuss your options.

With average prices significantly below both the state and national averages, homes in the Orlando area continue to represent a real bargain!  In today’s opportunistic market, our clients continue to purchase homes at prices well below the replacement cost of the property.

For a quick synopsis, please review the bullet points below along with the Market at a Glance video.  You will also find several graphs which will help you visualize the dynamic changes in the Orlando market.  It is our goal to provide you with valuable information as you, your family and friends seek accurate and reliable data with which to make informed decisions.

Good News on the Home Front!

First Quarter of 2012 in Review

Steady sales of existing properties brings inventory to a low level!

  • There are currently 8,666 homes of all shapes and sizes available for purchase through the Orlando MLS.  March’s inventory was down 31% from March of 2011 and is at its lowest level since the final quarter of 2005!
  • The average 30 year interest rate is hovering around 4%!
  • More than 40 percent of all the sales in March were “normal or private” representing the ninth straight month of year-over-year increases in private sales.  This reflects yet another sign of healing!
  • The time required to obtain lender Short Sale approval has decreased – down from an average of 6 months to approximately 90 days!

With the Orlando economy showing signs of improvement, low housing prices and average 30 year interest rates in the low 4% range, experts agree that homebuyer demand will continue!

I’m hoping that you will refer me to at least one more person this year!  I would love that and I’ll take good care of them!  Every time you introduce us to a friend or family member, we promise to carefully help them identify their needs and desires.  Only after clearly understanding their goals, do we use our experience and knowledge of current market conditions to develop a plan that fits their individual needs and desires.  The long-term commitment of real estate investment deserves our studied opinion and over 28 years of experience.

Your friends and family members are not just another transaction to us: they are real people with dreams and desires.  We are honored to serve them and thank you for your continued friendship and confidence in introducing them to us.  We value each relationship and over the past 28 years we’ve gratefully served 1,017 friends and their family members with integrity.

For a more detailed picture, please review the graphs and commentary we’ve prepared below and you will see the improvements in the market that we’re observing.  Please email or call to discuss any of the data we’ve outlined here or if you need additional information!


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Median Sales Price of Resale Homes

2012 began with the median sales price of homes sold in the Orlando area at $108,000.  The median price for “traditional sales” of existing homes – i.e. those that are neither a short sale nor a foreclosure – sold in March was $155,000. The median price for bank-owned sales was just over $84,000 while the median price for short sales was $102,000.  The lower median prices of bank-owned and short sales  accounted for approximately 59% of March’s sales and continued to exert downward pressure on the overall median price of $115,000.  Still, we are definitely moving toward a more stable environment as the market continues to show significant signs of improvement.

Inventory of Resale Homes

The inventory graph demonstrates that the number of available homes has steadily declined over the past 54 months.  March’s inventory of 8,666 homes represents less than one third of the properties available (17,664 fewer properties) when the market oversaturation crested in October 2007 at 26,330 homes.  In March of last year there were 12,533 homes on the market.  The inventory continues to be absorbed as the following graph indicates and the median sales price will continue to move toward equilibrium as the short sales and bank owned properties work their way through the system.  While we’ve averaged a 4.5 month supply over the past year, March saw inventories drop to a 3.72 months supply.  Six months or less is the supply level where the market has historically found price support and that is what we are currently witnessing.

Number of Resale Homes Sold

Yet another indicator of a stabilizing market is the strong rate of absorption.  In March, Orlando area Realtors sold 2,327 homes.  As seen from the graph, historically a sales pace of 2,327 homes per month reflects strong demand.  Large numbers of Buyers continue to take advantage of the current market conditions.  So don’t find yourself sitting on the sidelines wishing you had taken action!  It is only an opportunity if you choose to take full advantage of it!

Average Mortgage Interest Rate

Home mortgage interest rates are at historic lows with 30 year rates in March averaging 3.99%.  Combined with property values not seen since the 2nd quarter of 2001, these factors provide powerful incentives to take action in the Orlando market now!  I believe anyone purchasing or refinancing at today’s fixed interest rates will profit and be extremely grateful in the years to come.

Do you know of anyone who is thinking of selling their home?  We currently have lots of buyers who are struggling to find the home they want.  Can you please help me out? I’d love to take care of them!

My friends, as always, I’ve provided this analysis for your financial benefit and the good of your family and friends.  However, this research only reveals general market trends for the Greater Orlando area.  If you currently own residential property, the market is specific to your neighborhood and will require that we conduct a more in-depth analysis for your particular property.   Please feel free to share this report with anyone you think would benefit from our real estate services and call with questions you may have regarding your particular circumstances.

Percent Difference: Sales to Listings

This shows the percent difference between the asking price and the selling price and is a measure of the competitiveness in the market.  As inventory declines, sellers are more likely to receive at or above their offered price.


Average Sales Price of Resale Homes

This shows the average selling price each month and is always a higher number than the Median Sales price.

Average Days on Market of Resale Homes

This illustrates the intensity of the resale market. It should be noted that The Hard Working Nice Guy’s average time on the market is much lower than the Multiple Listing Service average.  Therefore, if you want to move your property quickly, please give us a call!

Number of Months of Inventory of Resale Homes

This illustrates the current inventory and the difference between a Buyer’s market and a Seller’s market. The current number of real estate transactions is divided into the available inventory in the MLS system and shown as the number of months it would take to sell off all the inventory if no additional listings were added.  The green line indicates a six month supply and is considered to be charged neutral.  A number below six months’ worth of inventory is considered to be a Seller’s market and a number above is considered to be a Buyer’s market.