15 Step Marketing Plan

Our Goal

Over the past 28 remarkable years, we have systematically refined this 15-step Strategic Home Marketing Plan to provide the most comprehensive and effective exposure of your home to real estate agents and prospective Buyers so we can sell your property in the least amount of time for the highest possible price. Our goal is to help potential Buyers find your home as easily as possible and see it in its most appealing light.

Defining Principles of the 15-Step Plan

All of our marketing strategies will provide as much relevant information concerning your property as possible. Prospective Buyers consistently give us feedback that when more information is readily available concerning the home, they are more likely to be attracted to it. You can trust us to handle the details for you and keep you informed with timely communication.

Information about your home should be easy for a potential Buyer to obtain. Therefore, we are not satisfied with just registering your property in the Multiple Listing Service, putting up a sign and praying it will sell. Instead we make the information on your property available through a wide variety of means, including Internet search engines, virtual tours, signs and flyers. My team and I are readily available throughout the selling process to consult with you concerning any questions that may arise.

We employ expert marketing strategies that give you the best ‘bang for your buck’. Through independent research and 25 years’ experience, we’ve identified and put into practice the strategies that work, from the familiar to the ‘outside the box’. We also recognize the value of flexibility and are able to suggest mid-course corrections.

The 15-Step Strategic Plan

Step 1: Personalized Consultation

In addition to specific recommendations on any improvements or repairs that will put your property in its most marketable condition, we’ll provide you with specific suggestions on how you can make your home ‘sparkle’ so it creates the best first impression for prospective Buyers, and how to keep your home in the best possible condition while it is on the market.

Step 2: Leveraging Your Home’s Exposure on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS)

Within 24 business hours of receiving your signed listing documents, your home will be in the Mid-Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service (MLS) and will be immediately available to all Realtors along the I-4 corridor. In addition to the required MLS information concerning your property, we prepare a thorough narrative description of your home’s features, the maximum allowable number of photos and a link to the virtual tour of your home. Very few agents bother to include narrative descriptions of properties they list in the MLS, much less provide additional photos or a virtual tour.

Step 3: Complete Virtual Tour

On average, a listing with a virtual tour is viewed 150% more frequently than one without. We will take single-frame and panoramic pictures of your home, yard and neighborhood to create a complete virtual tour and comprehensive descriptions augment each photo. The virtual tour will be uploaded to the Internet and linked to the MLS, Realtor.com, a wide variety of websites, and powerful search engines. We proudly use Visualtour.com which has been proven to receive four times the views of the next leading brand and over 49% of all virtual tour traffic for residential real estate.

In addition to creating visibility for your home, the tour also serves the purpose of pre-qualifying prospective Buyers with genuine interest in your property. People who see the virtual tour will either become more excited about your home or they will eliminate it from their search if it doesn’t fit their needs. Therefore, people who physically come to see your home tend to be more interested and, as a result, there are fewer people who waste your valuable time. Often the virtual tour has been the deciding factor for a person purchasing our client’s property. We’ve actually had Buyers tell us at closing that when they saw our virtual tour, even though they were in the process of making an offer on another house, they immediately stopped what they were doing and went to see the property. They ultimately made a great purchase offer because they saw the appealing features of the client’s home highlighted in our dynamic tour.

Step 4: Showcase Home on Realtor.com

Today 87% of all potential Buyers begin their home search on the Internet. Realtor.com has over 6.6 million unique visitors per month, and more than 75% of all time spent on real estate websites is on Realtor.com. Since it is the most widely used real estate search engine, we want to ensure that your home receives maximum exposure, which in turn can help secure the maximum price. Our listings get thousands of views per day on Realtor.com. and we provide top exposure to your precious investment by providing you with an unfair marketing advantage.

Home listings with multiple photos are 299% more likely to be viewed than listings with one picture or less. In addition, 87% of Internet house shoppers say that pictures are the most important feature when searching for homes online, followed closely by detailed property descriptions and virtual tours. For this reason, your home will be a Showcase listing on Realtor.com featuring the maximum number of pictures allowed, a very comprehensive property description and a link to your exclusive on-line tour.

Step 5: Featured Home on Realtor.com

All homes listed in the MLS are automatically posted to Realtor.com in a very basic format. However, we purposefully provide our properties on Realtor.com with a full complement of photos and narrative description. We are one of a few exclusive Realtor teams in the Greater Orlando area who employ the Realtor.com Featured Homes marketing system and actually own two zip codes. Featured homes get prime exposure on Realtor.com, which means that targeted home searchers see your property first, and your home comes up 19 times more often that the average property on Realtor.com. Your home will be positioned as a Realtor.com Featured Home on a rotating basis with the other properties we are currently marketing.

Step 6: Promoting Your Home on Multiple Search Engines

Your property information will also be featured in the Real Estate sections of the following websites and search engines for exposure to many more prospective home Buyers. We connect your virtual tour to all of the search engines that provide for virtual tour links as well as these Internet resources:

    • AOL.com —- Your home will be a Featured Home on a rotating basis
    • MSN Real Estate — Your home will be a Featured Home on a rotating basis
    • WSJ.com — in the Wall Street Journal’s real estate search
    • VisualTour.com — Host site for the virtual tours.
    • RE/MAX.com — The RE/MAX International website.
    • MetroOrlandoRealEstate.com / Orlando-Homes.net — RE/MAX 200 Realty’s site
    • Davidgallup.com — Your home’s virtual tour will be featured on David’s personal website and will be the Featured Home on a rotating basis.
    • Yahoo.com
    • Netscape.com
    • Trulia.com
    • Moving.com
    • Excite.com
    • HomeSeekers.com
    • DigitalCity.com
    • Google.base.com
    • Craigslist.com

Step 7: RE/MAX ‘For Sale’ Sign

Yard signs are one of the most popular ways to attract attention to your home. We take this method one step further by advertising the virtual tour. In addition to our name and contact information, the yard signs say “Tour this Property Online at davidgallup.com”.

Step 8: Virtual Tour CDs and Brochures

Our team creates appealing and informative materials to place in your property for prospective Buyers to take with them after they have toured your property. Full-color flyers outlining your home’s most outstanding features and CDs containing the virtual tour help prospective Buyers remember your home and set it apart from the competition.

Step 9: ‘Outside the Box’ Marketing Techniques

Free Recorded Message — We will record a message on our 24-hour toll-free real estate hotline describing your home and providing information to potential Buyers concerning various loan options. The toll-free number and extension for this free recorded message is also displayed in our online marketing materials. Research by the National Direct Marketing Association shows that 84% of consumers prefer to call a free recorded message before they speak with a salesperson.

‘Ugly Yellow’ Sign — In addition to the company “For Sale” sign, in neighborhoods where this marketing technique would be of benefit, we put up a second sign saying “Zero Down Payment – Free Recorded Message”.

The purpose of the “Ugly Yellow” sign is to penetrate the advertising “protective armor” of the Buyer and get them to take action by calling the free recorded message. Direct marketing research has shown that because it doesn’t look like an ad, people are more likely to call. Since these signs are out of the ordinary, they sneak under the consumer’s “advertising radar”. In short, they get attention. Yes, these are ugly signs. Remember those absolutely terrible commercials you’ve heard or seen on radio or TV? They’re purposely created that way so you remember them.

“Zero Down Payment” shows people the lowest possible down payment. This is an attention-getter. Most people do not know how much cash they need to purchase a home. When prospective Buyers, even ones who can afford to pay cash, see this sign they say, “How do they do that?” or “I want to learn about this house!” and then call the free recorded message. Research indicates this is an effective source of prospects for your property.

Surprising as it seems, we get comments from Buyers saying how glad they are that we put terms on our signs and they didn’t know how affordable a home could be. What could this mean to you? Instead of Buyers driving past your home and all the other properties with just a “For Sale” sign, they may take a closer look.

Step 10: Networking

We will network with other agents via flyers, email and phone to make them aware of your property and its features. While the agents at RE/MAX 200 Realty represent approximately 1% of the agents in the Orlando Regional Realtor Association, in 2008 they were responsible for sales of $220,614,000 or 3.4% of the real estate transactions in the Greater Orlando area Multiple Listing Service – more than any other real estate office in the Greater Orlando area. Your home will also be featured in our monthly client newsletter.

Step 11: Follow Up on Inquiries About Your Home

We will follow up with each prospective Buyer who contacts us regarding your home, invite them to take the virtual tour and arrange a showing when appropriate.

Step 12: Showing Feedback

We call and email the Realtors who have shown your home to get feedback on their prospective Buyer’s interest regarding your property and comments as well as the Realtors’ observations and recommendations.

Step 13: Regular Updates

Our goal is to keep you up to date and informed at all times. Once a week, while your property is on the market, we will email you a comprehensive report on ‘What the Market is Saying’ including feedback, the number of Page Views, Virtual Tours and Showings which have occurred that week.

Step 14: Accessible Contact

Our entire team takes Sunday off as a ‘recovery day’. On Mondays when David is out of the office, David’s Office Administrator and Transaction Coordinator, Debbie Joens will be available to assist you.

  • David Gallup, Realtor — 407.571.3612.
  • Debbie Joens, Office Administrator —- 407.571.3676.

Should you miss us, our voice mail system will accommodate your detailed message which allows us to be thoroughly prepared when we return your call.

Step 15: Continued Review of Your Marketing Plan

You and your home are unique. If there are additional techniques that would better serve your home or would maximize current market conditions, we will implement those as well. Also, if your property has not sold within 30 days, we will prepare a new market analysis, call you to review your entire marketing plan and recommend any necessary mid-course corrections.